Conversations With The Divine Feminine - podcast by Diana Adamko

Conversation #10 - Female Power Alchemy

August 05, 2020 Diana Adamko Episode 10
Conversations With The Divine Feminine - podcast by Diana Adamko
Conversation #10 - Female Power Alchemy
Show Notes

Dr Anne Whitehouse is the founder of Female Confidence and Author of Pull Back Your Power.

This is a powerful conversation all about feminine power.

Anne  is an author, PhD scientist, female power alchemist, and subconscious healing specialist.  Her mission is to enable women to level the energetic playing field and achieve whatever they want in the world, without being undermined by the male default of society, and without having to suppress their true female power or femininity. 

She is building a community of women on the same journey, creating a new paradigm of female power.

Anne was a high-achieving academic  - university lecturer in engineering (or college professor for people in the US)  and despite her capabilities, she ended up burning out and losing her scientific career. 
Her book 'Pull Back Your Power' shows women how to shift the power dynamic between them and the world, skyrocketing confidence instantaneously. This is how women who want to free themselves from disempowering conditioning using her exclusive female power alchemy techniques. You can transform the way you feel and react to life, learn how to transform a toxic work environment, feel safe speaking up, magnify your power to deal with confrontations or harassment, and allow all your true female brilliance to shine.

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